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Our Own SMC Brand
Solid, Natural Talalay Latex Mattress Options

SMC Highlands Latex Mattress with Topper on an Adjustable Base
SMC Highlands Latex Mattress w/ Topper on an Adjustable Base Foundation

We've been making solid Latex mattresses since shortly after Latex became available for use as mattress material in the 1950's. It has always been an excellent sleep surface for use in our boat & marine vessel mattresses because of its longevity and anti-mold & mildew properties, so we've never stopped using it because of that - we may very well be one of the oldest manufacturer's of Latex beds in the US!

After Polyfoam was invented later, it became alot cheaper to use in manufacturing mattresses, so the use of Latex faded as an option for home beds. Latex began to make a serious comeback in mattresses during the recent "green movement" as people began to search for natural, healthier "non-off gassing" mattress solutions.

We know how nice Latex is to sleep on, and we know how long it lasts - it is simply the perfect sleep surface, providing both necessary pressure relief as well as support for every kind of body type. We're Latex experts!

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The Magnolia
The Highlands

SMC "Magnolia" - Double-Sided Firm Innerspring Mattress with Latex Pillowtops
2-Sided, Firm Innerspring
w/ Latex Pillowtops

The Magnolia is a great option for people who really like the feel of a traditional Innerspring mattress, but who are also looking for a more natural sleeping surface with less off-gassing.

Our Magnolia mattress is double-sided & flipable with a 2" Talalay Latex Pillowtop on both sides. It is a firmer mattress with just enough cush added for a really good balance of both comfort & support. This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, but often outlasts that by several years if you stay up on flipping & rotating it consistently throughout the year.

The Magnolia starts at $799 in a Twin to $1299 for a King Set.


Adjustable Base Foundations Also Available

The "Highlands" Solid Talalay Latex Mattress with Latex Topper
Solid Natural Talalay Latex
Mattress - Shown w/ Topper

The Highlands is the best-selling mattress on our showroom floor for so many good reasons - not the least of which, it is simply the utmost in a natural, comfortable, long-lasting sleep - plus, it is GREAT for reducing motion transfer!

Starting at just $999 for a Twin mattress to $1999 for a King Set - our SOLID, natural, Talalay Latex mattresses are the BEST prices in town, LOCALLY-MADE, and come with a FULL 20-Year Warranty!

Add the cozy topper for an even more luxurious night's sleep for $599 Twin to $999 in a King size.



Only the best! We manufacture our solid, natural Talalay Latex mattresses here in Ballard, using 100% PURE, Natural, Botanical, Organically Grown Talalay Latex for some very good reasons:

  • It is a natural, healthy, eco-friendly product absolutely FREE of toxic chemicals; as well as environmentally sustainable & biodegradable! To start with, all of the latex is harvested from trees that are 100% Organically Grown. That means no pesticides, no plant modification or mutation; just naturaly grown and harvested sustainably. By definition, Latex is a rubber particle suspended in water. Natural Talalay Latex is made without any "fillers" or extenders other companies use to "stretch" and/or lower the cost & quality of their Latex. It is made from natural liquid rubber, combined only with the minimal ingredients needed to convert the liquid rubber into a solid, pliable, resilient rubber foam. It is then whipped and poured into a pincore mold that helps create the aerated, open-celled Talalay Latex Mold(very breathable) structure of Latex. The compound is then dispersed evenly within the mold via a vacuum - removing any air bubbles or pockets - then freeze dried into place before gravity can cause the Latex particles to settle. It is then heated in the mold in order to cure the Latex into its final density & state. A five-stage fresh water washer washes out all residual materials & impurities from deep within the product that can taint its quality & longevity. This is the most important step in ensuring a pure, natural, durable rubber foam that is free of unhealthy toxins and so natural that it will biodegrade as any other natural material will. The final stage of Talalay Latex processing is the testing stage to ensure quality & purity of the product.

  • Talalay Latex makes an excellent sleep surface - orthopedic & ergonomically good for body & back alignment, it is the perfect balance of both continuous support and pressure-relieving comfort. Latex acts very much like Memory Foam, in that it instantly conforms to the contours of your body - but unlike Memory Foam in which you continue to "sink" into a "hardening cradle" that feels like wet sand, Latex is much more supportive in that it pushes back up into your body like a sponge. While we do have Memory Foam beds on our floor because they are so popular - in our Talalay Latex Supportopinion, Latex is far healthier & much more supportive to sleep on! Click here for more information on the advantages of sleeping on Latex. Click here to read about the differences between Latex & Memory Foam.

  • Latex is naturally hypoallergenic, mold/mildew proof and dust mite resistant! No breathing in harmful chemicals and unfriendly to allergens - Talalay Latex is both environmentally friendly & healthy for you in more ways than one!

  • Natural Talalay Latex has a long life and is very durable & flexible just like rubber - because it is rubber! Talalay Latex can have a 20-40 year life span, which is why our Latex mattresses come with a FULL (not partial), 20 year NON-prorated warranty! In a Latex mattress "done right" as a solid core (like our own SMC Brand Latex mattresses are made - with no other fillers, foams, or glues to taint the quality or longevity of the product), it will always bounce back into shape like a rubber tire. No more "dips & valleys" forming in your mattress! That's because Latex isn't as affected by the stress of "being used" over and over again like traditional Polyfoam or Memory Foam. Time itself will eventually catch up with it - eventually! And in the meantime, your mattress will feel relatively the same from day one until the last day of year 20 - and many times, beyond! Sometime after year 20, your mattress will start to naturally biodegrade and it will begin to get incrimentally softer - you probably won't even notice it, at first. Yeah, we LOVE our Latex mattresses, and that's why they are the best-sellers on our showroom floor!
  • With various firm to softer density-level options, we can customize each and every mattress to your own personal comfort level. Natural Talalay Latex comes in ILD's (soft to firm) 28, 32, 36, 40 & 44 (44 is intended for seat cushions); also ILD 19, which is great for toppers.


The main difference between Talalay-processed Latex and Dunlop-processed Latex is what happens in the mold just prior to the initial curing stage. In the Talalay process, air is extracted to perfectly distribute the foamed liquid inside the mold and to create a consistent, round, open-cell structure. The mattress core is flash frozen to lock the cell structure in place and to prevent the particles from settling.

In the Dunlop process, the molds are filled to the rim, air is not extracted, and there is no freezing stage. Therefore, the Latex cell structure is less “airy". Gravity takes over and the rubber particles settle - creating a denser product that is more firm on the bottom and softer on top than Talalay Latex.

Because of the vacuum/freezing process of Talalay Latex, which gives the Latex a more uniform, supple consistency - in our opinion, it is the best Latex process for manufacturing the most consistent-feeling sleep surface - especially for double-sided* mattresses like we make here at Seattle Mattress.

The Dunlop process creates a more dense "higher rubber content" Latex, but the cell structure is not as consistent. In experiments with compressed Dunlop Latex vs. Talalay Latex, Talalay performs and bounces back much better after being compressed - especially over time. And Dunlop is more affected by continuous pressure - which means that the pressure of a body sleeping on Dunlop regularly can affect it more than Talalay. Because Dunlop is more dense, it loses its ability to "bounce back" over time - which is why you often see Dunlop Latex mattresses come with a 10-year warranty instead of a 20-year warranty.

Immediately after the manufacturing process is complete, both Talalay Latex & Dunlop Latex are tested... Talalay averages at a 4%-8% loss recovery rate while Dunlop averages 14%-30% loss recovery rate. Talalay is also the strongest option at a 5.90 Tensile rating (amount of strength it takes to pull apart a piece of Latex), while Dunlop can average anywhere from 3.40 to 4.60. Elongation testing reveals that Talalay will stretch a whopping 287% over Dunlop's 161% to 220%.

Also, because of the inconsistency of Dunlop during drying (firmer on the bottom, softer on top), it is also far more likely to develop air pockets and/or lumps where firmness/softness variations meet within the piece of Latex.

The bottom line is... We choose to use pure, natural Talalay Latex exclusively in our mattresses, simply because if you're going to invest in a good Latex mattress, you might as well make sure it is made of "the best stuff" that you know will provide you with the consistent, long-term, reliable benefits that you're paying for.


*While you do not need to maintain a Latex mattress by flipping it like a traditional Innerspring mattress because it does not wear like a traditional mattress that contains polyfoam; we do recommend that you flip our mattresses a couple times a year in order to wear the fabric cover evenly and to ensure proper air circulation.

Also, two things that will help break down Latex really fast is "too much air" and sunlight exposure. Fix any damage you may accidentally incur to the mattress in the form of holes or rips immediately to prevent air from drying it out.

My new Latex mattress was just delivered and it has a bad smell. I thought it was all-natural and isn't supposed to off-gas? What's up?

Every once in awhile your brand spanking new Latex mattress will come with an initial smell - that is a "really fresh" piece of Latex, and it is still wearing off its fermentation smell after the curing process. It is not the same thing as off-gassing, it will not harm you because it is not toxic, and it will wear off - depending on a few things: 1) How "fresh" the Latex is; 2) How sensitive you are to the smell (some of us are moreso than others); 3) and how much air time it gets to air out.

While the smell can be a little unpleasant for awhile (anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks), it can be dealt with easily enough by removing bedding in the morning and opening the windows on a daily basis until its gone. FYI - we have never received one of our Latex mattresses back because of this issue. The mattresses on our showroom floor are made of the same Latex, and they do not smell. It really does go away, and if you can stand it for just a little while, you'll be sleeping comfortably on a really great bed.

Any glues used in our Latex mattresses is 100% Natural Water Based glue. This is all natural, but still may have a slight intial order esspecially if you receive your mattress the same day or next after we manufacture it.

I've heard Latex sleeps "hot" - does it?

Because Talalay Latex has such an open-celled structure, it breathes well to help remove body moisture as you sleep - keeping you warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Latex often gets a bad reputation about sleeping hot because we often associate it with Memory Foam - which does have a tendency to sleep hot. Make no mistake, however... Latex is not Memory Foam, and you will not sleep hot on a natural Latex mattress like ours. Beware of synthetic imitations, however...

What about Latex allergies?

Most people with Latex allergies are fine sleeping on Latex for a couple of reasons. 1) Since it is covered and you're not coming in direct contact with the Latex, you'll probably not be close enough to it to have a reaction; 2) Usually people with Latex allergies are allergic to things like Latex gloves which is processed differently and contains proteins not found in Natural Latex.

We can tell you that our Manufacturing Manager, Bob, has a Latex allergy and gets terrible reactions from Latex gloves - but he handles our natural Latex raw in building our beds, and never has had a reaction. We believe allergic reactions are highly unlikely, but it probably depends on the specific individual.